Shining a spotlight on Regional South Australia by uncovering, telling and showcasing stories of success.

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For the 19th year, Brand South Australia is proud to again be celebrating regional success. The aim of this program is to put a spotlight on regional South Australia by uncovering, telling and showcasing stories of success.


Our Regional Showcase program is run annually to celebrate the achievements of individuals, groups and South Australian businesses that have made significant contributions to regional SA.


One of the reasons the program has been successful over the past 18 years is because it connects our valued regions to the rest of South Australia. We have adapted the program to grow the connections between regional South Australia and the rest of the world.


Our fresh approach

  1. Tell us about someone you think deserves recognition

We're calling on the public to nominate individuals, organisations and groups that are inspiring, and that go above and beyond in representing and making a difference in their regional community. The nomination will be evaluated, and our regional journalists will write and publish stories for those who meet the criteria. These regional freelance journalists will write two stories per week across regional South Australia, with editorial guidelines provided to ensure they meet the State’s ten economic and seven strategic priorities, in addition to meeting the below criteria. Each story must be;

  1. Story on Brand SA News

Stories are then tagged by region and category, and posted on Inside South Australia, which reaches audiences in South Australia, nationally and internationally. Appropriate stories will then be shared on other available news channels.

  1. Reader popularity analytics

Stories are measured by reader popularity and ranked by Brand South Australia, which will determine the state wide top 30 stories.

  1. Reader voting

The top 30 stories from across South Australia will then be highlighted and shared via social media, with the public asked to vote for their favorite story. Regional Mayors, sponsors and stakeholders will also be asked to vote on the stories they feel best represent the regions to determine the Business and Community Awards.

  1. Showcasing and celebrating the best

The top fifteen stories from accross South Australia will be shared and showcased at a celebration evening. In addition to each of the top 15, local councils will be present, as well as sponsors, MP’s, regional VIP’s, with public tickets also available for purchase.



Awards Categories

Three pear trophies will be awarded at the celebration evenings for:


People’s Choice Award

The number one story voted for online.
Community Award

The number one story voted on by regional councils, sponsors and VIP’s, that they believe has best contributed to the regions community and culture.

Business Award

The number one story voted on by regional councils, sponsors and VIP’s, that they believe has contributed to the region economically and helped develop professional skills of those in the regions.



What will winners receive?

 The winners of this years program will receive:

  • an exclusive glass pear trophy
  • a framed certificate signed by the Premier of South Australia
  • use of the Regional Showcase winner logo
  • public recognition through the promotion of achievements in our organisation's broader programs and through our media partner network (metropolitan and regional)
  • 12 month Silver level membership with Brand South Australia

Do you know an individual, group or organisation that goes above and beyond to make a difference in your regional community? Click below to put someone forward for the 2017 Regional Showcase Program.

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