1645 Coffee Roasters

  • Food, Wine & Beverage
  • SA Owned and Operated Business

1645 Coffee Roasters are a speciality coffee roaster, sourcing, roasting, blending and packing their coffee on site in Glynde, South Australia. Coffee is their passion — it is all they do!


1645 Coffee Roasters want their customers to feel connected directly to the beans unique point of origin. The search for exceptional flavor profiles is at the core of theirethos, only using coffee beans that are ethically sourced and dealing directly with farms that reflect their passion. The beans are then roasted and cupped to ensure that our final product reflects the respect they have for the amazing bean.


Underpinning their success is the success of their customers. With this in mind, 1645 Coffee Roasters work collaboratively to develop a coffee strategy tailored to their customers, backed with training and outstanding service.

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