23rd Street Distillery

  • Food, Wine & Beverage
  • SA Owned and Operated Business

The historic Twenty Third Street distillery, built in 1914, has been resurrected with twenty-first century technology. Century old copper stills (also made in SA by H Jennings) are reignited with a spirit of anarchic invention. The Master Distiller captures the spirit of riverside relaxation intersected with energetic invention. Twenty Third Street Distillery are charting new flavour territories with old-school craftsmanship to bring you sensory pleasures savoury and sweet, bright and smooth, contradictory yet united.

Resurrected by Angelo Kotses and the Bickfords Group, 100% family owned and operated, the distillery aims to source local ingredients wherever possible, while our distillery is targeting 30,000 visitors per annum to bring tourism growth the South Australia's Riverland region. The sites distinguished history as the iconic Renmano distillery is preserved in our customs house, while we strive to bring craft south Australian spirits to the world through a mix of innovation and traditional distillation under the 23rd Street distillery brand and the traditional Black Bottle Brandy products.

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