24 Degrees Trading Pty Ltd

  • Food, Wine & Beverage

24 Degrees Trading Pty Ltd is a 26% shareholder in Normanville Meatworks Pty Ltd (NMW). The Directors of 24 Degrees Trading are Roger Smyth (Australia) and Mowaffak Saleh Al Rashaid (Saudi Arabia). The Directors have recently formed Rayan International Pty Ltd which will become the parent company of 24 Degrees Trading and transition to 100% ownership of NMW in Q1 of 2015. The Australian Director (Roger Smyth) was born and raised in South Australia before joining the Royal Australian Navy and settling on the East Coast. 24 Degrees Trading Pty Ltd has recently commenced wholesaling lamb to South Australian supermarkets which will be followed shortly by beef. The company seeks to promote South Australian meat into South Australian supermarkets that are currently sourcing majority of lamb from Victoria. The Supermarkets have agreed to display the 24DT branding which emphasises South Australian produce.

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