Greenwell Water Savers

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It promotes faster tree growth; stops water run-off and wastage when trees are being watered; promotes deep root watering; guards against damage from whipper snippers; establishes trees on flat or sloping sites; retains mulch and fertilizer-stops bird or wind scatter; has a zip join for easy installation and reuse; two sizes—regular directs 26 litres –larger 50 litres- to the tree root zone; three colours heritage green, black and terracotta; and it keeps lawn or grass away from tree trunk.
Greenwell Water Saver is a recycled U.V. stabilised plastic product; it conserves water; it delivers water quickly into the tree root zone; leads to a 25% water saving result; it greatly improves newly planted tree survival numbers; and it is invented and manufactured in Australia.
For further product information please contact
Brian Measday (Product Inventor)
Mobile 0412 693 428 or email [email protected]

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