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Whenever you choose South Australian you are helping that company employ people.

The people they employ are your neighbours, your friends, your family and even you.

We want you to choose South Australia and support producers, manufacturers, service providers, retailers and businesses throughout our state’s supply chain.

We all have the power to make a difference, so look for the State Brand and choose SA. This brand is your assurance that the company you are dealing with employs South Australians and contributes to growth in our state.

When you choose SA, you are choosing to support jobs in our state.

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I Choose SA Seasonal Lunch in Rundle Mall

Unfortunately due to the closure of Brand South Australia this lunchtime activation will no longer be going ahead. Please contact Sprout Cooking School for refunds or enquiries related.

Phone: 8443 4343 
Email: [email protected]

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Meet some of our I Choose SA ambassadors:

Peggy Veloudos, Co-Founder, TBAR Tea Salon. I Choose SA Ambassador

“South Australians are so passionate about supporting local, it has helped us grow our business here”

Peggy Veloudos
Co-Founder, T BAR Tea Salon

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Andrew Cosi Costello, South Aussie with Cosi. I Choose SA Ambassador

“SA is filled with beautiful destinations to explore, so let’s be tourists in our own state”

Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello
South Aussie with Cosi

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Kevin Webb, Managing Director, Spring Gully Foods. I Choose SA Ambassador

“Buying SA brands helps us keep jobs in our state”

Kevin Webb
Managing Director, Spring Gully Foods

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