Spring Gully Case Study

Spring Gully products feature prominently in many South Australian pantries. From pickled onions and relishes, to mustard and sauces, Spring Gully has been a pantry staple in local households for generations, and now South Australians have helped to ensure the brand will be there for many more years to come.

Kevin Webb, Managing Director of Spring Gully Foods and one of the first I Choose SA ambassadors, credits the South Australian public for helping them turn the future of their company around.

“One of the reasons we were able to trade our way out of debt was because of the support shown by the people of SA,”

“They made a choice to choose South Australian and we are humbled by that decision.”

The success Spring Gully have seen in recent years embodies everything the I Choose SA program aims to achieve; they have felt the effects that choosing SA can have first-hand.

Kevin encourages consumers and businesses to support other brands in the same way and look for the State Brand when shopping. This logo ensures the company is employing South Australians and contributes positively to the future of the state’s economy.

If every SA household were to spend an extra $2.30 a week on local food and beverages, such as Spring Gully products, it could support up to 600 new jobs.

Kevin says it was a relief to be through the most traumatic period of the company’s history.

“It means Spring Gully can look to the future with confidence,” he says.

“The power that the people of South Australia have to choose SA is so important. It will drive our businesses, drive our jobs and drive our state, and we must all remember that.”

The success Spring Gully have experienced through their involvement in the I Choose SA program is not isolated; each month we will feature a different business and share their story so be sure to check back for more case studies soon.

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