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Uncovering South Australia’s future potential

South Australia is currently undergoing an industrial transformation, transitioning from traditional manufacturing processes into innovative, niche products and services. Technology plays a central role in this, supporting innovation, driving product and service development, and improving performance.

South Australia is demonstrating strengths and R&D expertise in many areas including new medical technologies and the emergence of a space industry.

Mark Fusco established the award-winning business Advanced Focus in 2005 to help companies scale up and build more advanced systems. The company now works across 40 different sectors, from defence to agribusiness and beyond.

Cutting edge technology is generating new advanced manufacturing potential for South Australia. This technology is helping level the global playing field so local companies can better compete, grow and create more jobs in the state.

Markspecialises in working with high potential businesses to evaluate the way they operate and remodel their systems to boost efficiency and scale, adopting new technologies and ways of working.

It’s been a rewarding process, with Advanced Focus helping to create success stories like the company’s second customer SA’s Redarc Electronics. Since starting work together, the company has grown from 15 staff to over 200 and now is a truly global company.

“Advanced manufacturing is such a critical part of any advanced economy, it’s a creator of net wealth, it’s high tech, high value and it’s exportable,” Mark says.

During his 12 years working with Axiom Precision Manufacturing, Shannon Wride has seen a transformation in the way the business operates.

Shannon started out with Axiom as an apprentice in 2006 with the company’s work focused around the state’s automotive industry. Since then, the company has changed the way it operates, pursuing opportunities with defence and aerospace companies. From there, new jobs began to roll in, and their client base expanded across Australia and globally.

Now the company’s operations supervisor, Shannon says one of the jobs he’s most proud of is overseeing the making of moulds for a device that protects frontline defence forces from bomb detonations.

The advanced manufacturing business currently has three in-house apprentices and is looking to have another start next year with Shannon saying the state has a bright future.

“We hear that manufacturing in SA has been through a rough time but for companies like ours that have diversified, we are booming.”

Professor Dr John Greenwood AM is a burns surgeon pioneering world first technologies to improve treatment and survival rates for burns victims. Most of us will never come across John, but he is changing the lives of those he treats. Originally from Rochdale UK, John chooses to stay in South Australia for its world class medical standards and facilities. 

John cares for over 450 acute burns patients each year, with his burns unit responsible for covering an area of around 2.4 million square kilometres. His team also runs Australia’s only mobile response unit for burns injuries in disaster scenarios.

In 2002, John was dispatched to lead the burns unit in Darwin to treat the 67 victims of the Bali bombing.

Following this, John began developing a suite of innovative burn care and skin-substitute products that replace painful skin grafts. John’s selfless service to burns patients here in South Australia is now improving survival rates and quality of life for people across the globe.

“The medical resource infrastructure that’s been developed in South Australia is second to none. Our research is at an exciting place, we work in an amazing environment for medical care, and it’s a fantastic place to live. I absolutely love South Australia.” says John.

Flavia Tata Nardini is an Italian aerospace engineer who is on a mission to change Earth from space.  As co-founder and CEO of Fleet Space, Flavia is putting South Australia at the forefront of global connectivity.

Fleet is building the global digital nervous system to power the next industrial revolution. When launched, it will provide free, global connectivity to the more than 75 billion connected devices that will transform industries around the world.

From farming to factories, shipping, mining and conservation; Fleet’s constellation of nanosatellites will provide connectivity in new places, giving us access to information that will revolutionise the way we operate.

After choosing South Australia as her home, Flavia and Fleet are leading the charge to grow the local space industry.

“In three years, we’ve created an entire industry from scratch,” says Flavia. “South Australia is playing a massive role in space. Companies are re-locating. Everything is going to happen here.”

“Everyone said I needed to move to the US if I wanted to run a space company… it turns out they were wrong.”

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Industry Briefing attendees heard from Future Industries and Advanced Manufacturing leaders:

  • Professor Emily Hilder, Director of Future Industries Institute
  • Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO and co-Founder Fleet Space

Industry Briefings are ticketed events and open to the public. Brand South Australia Gold and Platinum Members have free access to Industry Briefings and also have the opportunity to gain behind the scenes exposure at an Industry Showcase or to connect with inspirational local industry leaders at a

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