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Discovering South Australia’s celebrated wineries, producers and tourism industry.

Tourism, Food and Wine will play a key role in transforming our economy. 4,000 new tourism jobs have already emerged between 2013 and 2015, with South Australia easily outperforming all other states and territories in tourism job growth.

With demand for premium and clean produce soaring domestically and internationally, South Australia’s food and wine sectors are uniquely placed to take advantage of this opportunity, resulting in more jobs for South Australians.

Elaine Bensted is the Chief Executive at Zoos SA – in Elaine’s words, her ‘absolute dream job’. Working across both Adelaide and Monarto Zoo, Elaine chooses to stay in SA to be part of the world-class developments in our tourism industry.

Monarto Zoo is by far the largest in Australia. In fact, you could fit every zoo in Australia into Monarto and there would still be space left over. These sprawling plains will soon be home to ‘Wild Africa’, the largest safari experience outside of Africa including a range of accommodation, a restaurant and unique animal experiences.

Conservation is also key, with Elaine and her team aiming to bring over up to 35 white rhinos, who will roam the 560 hectare Wild Africa site and help to protect the future of the species.

The tourism industry in South Australia continues to grow, with Zoos SA employing 250 people currently.

According to Elaine, “4 of the last 5 years have shown record visitor numbers, and these continue to increase.”

“Monarto Zoo is a real tourism hub, and is leading the way with these developments. I’m very proud to be part of its next chapter.”

Theo Sasopoulos is the Group Finance Manager for The Mitolo Group. Working across the farming and production sites, Theo chooses to stay in South Australia because of the growth opportunities in the state’s food industry.

Mitolo Group’s farming operations cover 32,000 hectares, an area roughly the size of 15,000 Adelaide Ovals.  By diversifying their own land holdings around Australia, The Mitolo Group is able to harvest potatoes all year round, a world first. The company processes over 200,000 tonnes of potatoes and onions each year at their South Australian production site.

Theo’s solid finance background means he is well positioned for his role at Mitolo Group, where variables like the weather play a huge role in business outcomes. But, as Theo points out, the future is looking bright for the industry.

“South Australia’s clean water and soil, combined with an ideal climate, make SA almost perfect for growing vegetables like potatoes and onions”, Theo says.

“The industry is only getting stronger. This, coupled with the opportunities that come with being part of a local family business, means my role is very rewarding.”

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I Choose SA for Industry Events

Brand South Australia host a series of special events showcasing prominent speakers and success stories within each industry. These events provide connections and networking with the business community and our partners.

Industry briefing attendees heard from:

  • Elaine Bensted, Chief Executive Zoos SA
  • Catherine Sayer, CEO, Food South Australia
  • Jeremy Blanks, Chair, South Australian Wine Industry Association
  • Amber Kemp, Communications Manager, Woodstock Wine Estate

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I Choose SA for Industry Sponsorship

This program is open for sponsorship which offers businesses the chance to align their brand with the broader I Choose SA program, and the message of growth in our state, as well as the chance to connect with industry leaders and the business community. As we delve into South Australia’s key growth industries, the program will explore opportunities for big and small business, jobs of the future and look at how entrepreneurial thinking and digital technology will shape our state in the years to come.

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