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What will we do if no-one is coming? That is, no-one is coming to rescue us? Would we act intentionally to co-create the future for South Australia that we desire or will we sleep-walk into a dystopian future? What is it about being human that will enable us to bring about the desired business environment and social communities of the future? What part does our mindset – Growth or Fixed Mindset – play in our capacity to act, innovate and lead? Do we as humans have an innate immunity to change? Will the complexity and fear of failure cause us to be paralysed and not to act? Read More


SarreODL are hosting an Open State event. The event encourages business leaders to be a part of advancing South Australia through stimulating conversation, ideas and action.


No one is coming (to rescue us) – as part of the Open State Festival

Friday 6th October

7.00am – 9.30am

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