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Anthony Crabb has been living, breathing and brewing MOJO Kombucha for over 10 years.


Loving all that our very beautiful Willunga has to offer, it made complete sense to Anthony and his wife Sarah, to stay local, and grow MOJO Kombucha from their own back yard.


The days of selling tiny batches out of eskys in the boot of the car do not seem that long ago in one sense, yet having just launched nationally in nine hundred Woolworths stores and everything that has happened in between, it feels like a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears.


Including a few trips to the USA, where Kombucha has had a stronghold in the Beverage Industry for 20 years, Anthony has grown his knowledge of this handmade, fermented beverage to rival anyone in Australia, and probably the world.  


Through continuous product development, the MOJO recipe is the closest to home brewed on the commercial market, while stringently adhering to all of the standards and guidelines in place. 


In terms of taste and being true to the ancient recipe and intent, Anthony is confident that MOJO is the best Kombucha available in the Australian market.  It is a true passion, Anthony lives and breathes health and well being, and has gradually handpicked his team as the business has grown to compliment his own skills and interests.


While loving everything that living in South Australia entails, there is so much joy for Anthony in running a successful business that is making a positive contribution to the local community.


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