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From the state’s key industries, to its businesses, people and regions, our programs uncover opportunity and celebrate all South Australia has to offer.

Sponsorship gives your business the chance to align with a number of these events and programs throughout the year.

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I Choose SA for Industry

The I Choose SA program, an initiative of Brand South Australia, was launched in August 2016. The program encourages all South Australians to choose local businesses throughout our state’s supply chain, to support jobs in our state. I Choose SA also aims to improve awareness, understanding and optimism around job opportunities and key industries in South Australia.

The program has gained significant momentum, with industry and business spreading the message through their own marketing activity and South Australians changing their purchasing behaviours to choose local.

Within the broader I Choose SA marketing program sits the I Choose SA for Industry event series. The series focuses on different industries through the year, featuring the people and businesses that are transforming our state. These events showcase and offer insights into our state’s key industries and the opportunities these provide for South Australians, and are attended by a mix of industry, students, engaged business community stakeholders and business executives.

Sponsorship offers businesses the chance to align their brand with the broader I Choose SA program, and the message of growth in our state, as well as the chance to connect with industry leaders and the business community. As we delve into South Australia’s key growth industries, the program will explore opportunities for big and small business, jobs of the future and look at how entrepreneurial thinking and digital technology will shape our state in the years to come.

2018 Program Report

2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

Fast Movers

Every day across the state, South Australian businesses demonstrate that they are creative, innovative and industrious. These local businesses are recognised time and again for their work on a local, national and global scale.

BDO SA and Brand South Australia are proud to partner again for Fast Movers SA 2019, recognising the fastest growing businesses in South Australia.

Attracting nominees from a range of industries and sectors, Fast Movers SA brings together the business community each year to celebrate South Australian success stories, and the top 25 fasting growing companies within South Australia.

2018 Program Report

2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

Regional Showcase

For the 19th year, Brand South Australia was proud to again be celebrating regional success with the Regional Showcase program. The aim of this program is to put a spotlight on regional South Australia by uncovering, telling and showcasing stories of success.

The program celebrates the achievements of individuals, groups and South Australian businesses that have made significant contributions to regional South Australia. The program has been successful as it connects our valued regions to the rest of South Australia and the story telling elements to the program also connects regional South Australia with the rest of the world.

2018 Program Report

2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

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I Choose SA for Industry

Shining a spotlight on key industries within our state.

Regional Showcase

Highlighting South Australian regional success through positive stories.

Fast Movers SA

Recognising the fastest growing businesses in South Australia.

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