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I Choose SA


Whenever you choose South Australian you are helping that company employ people.


The people they employ are your neighbours, your friends, your family and even you. Unemployment is not a statistic; it is a decision you make every time you buy something.

We want you to choose South Australia and support producers, manufacturers, service providers, retailers and businesses throughout our State’s supply chain. 

We all have the power to make a difference, so look for the State brand and choose South Australia. This brand is your assurance that the company you are dealing with employs South Australians and contributes to our economic prosperity.


When you choose SA, you are choosing to support jobs in our State.


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I Choose SA for Industry

I Choose SA for Industry shines a spotlight on the key industries and sectors within our State that make us creative, innovative and industrious. By telling the stories behind the businesses and showcasing successful industry leaders, we will be celebrating and promoting to the wider community, that when it comes to business, South Australia has a lot going for it. 


Each month, I Choose SA for Industry will focus on a different South Australian industry, increasing awareness, promoting what the industry does, and highlighting why it is important to South Australia and our State’s economic future.

I Choose SA for Industry will achieve this by focusing on successful businesses and individuals through a series of dedicated events and marketing activities. We will tell the positive stories about business innovation, worlds best practice and key developments occurring in our State in each sector, through: 

  • news stories 
  • video 
  • infographics 
  • fact sheets 
  • digital marketing campaigns.

I Choose SA for Industry will be featured on Brand SA News, which was created to tell the positive stories that are uniquely South Australian.


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Regional Showcase 

The South Australian Regional Awards provide an opportunity to celebrate and promote the achievements of individuals, groups and organisations that have made significant contributions to regional South Australia. In 2016, we will be highlighting regional successes not just on one night, but throughout the year with our team of regional journalists tracking these achievements down and sharing them with the world.

Entrepreneurs Week

Entrepreneurs Week is a collaboration between the Adelaide Entrepreneurship Forum, Brand South Australia, Adelaide City Council, the State Government, and a broad range of stakeholders who are interested in hosting events with an entrepreneurial focus. The month showcases the best of South Australia’s opportunity rich environment, unique support programs and the importance of intrapreneurship.

Fast Movers

BDO SA and Brand South Australia are proud to continue to partner for Fast Movers and recognise the fastest growing, and arguably the smartest businesses in South Australia.  Every day, across the State, South Australian businesses demonstrate that they are creative, innovative and industrious in their approach to everything they do.
Fast Movers recognises those South Australia’s businesses that are the most innovative, smart and fastest growing companies in the State.  Fast Movers SA attracts nominees from a range of sectors. The business community comes together each year to celebrate the South Australian success stories at an annual breakfast, celebrating the top 25 fasting growing companies within South Australia.
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