Regional Showcase FAQ

Brand South Australia is proud to run the Regional Showcase.

The program aims to put a spotlight on regional South Australia by uncovering, telling and showcasing stories of success. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions in regards to the Regional Showcase Program.

Should you have any further questions, please email [email protected] or call 08 8211 8111.


What is the difference between the new and old format?


In the past, the public were asked to nominate a business group or individual, who then after being nominated would need to log on and submit an entry themselves. With the new format, after a story suggestion is submitted, the group or individual is no longer required to submit their own application. Instead, these story suggestions will be sent to our pool of regional journalists who will then consider the suggestion on its merit, and if approved, they will write a story, which will then be shared on Brand SA News. Story suggestions are taken all year round with stories to be continuously written. Please note that while we endeavour to write as many stories as possible, some may not be written for various reasons, and Brand South Australia reserves the right to make that decision.


The program no longer has 13 specific categories. There is now only 3 categories and awards to be given each year; The People’s Choice Award, Business Award and Community Award.


Stories are measured by the reader popularity and ranked by Brand South Australia. Each year the top 30 stories across regional South Australia are highlighted and shared via social media with readers asked to vote for their top story. In October the top 5 from each award category will make up the 15 businesses, organisations and individuals that will be highlighted at the celebration evening on October 19.

When are the stories collated and written?

Stories are continuously written across a 12-month period.

So stories included in the 2018 program will be written between 24 July 2017 – 13 July 2018.

Stories written after these dates will be automatically considered for the following year’s program.

If I suggested a story what happens next?

Your nomination will be sent to the Brand South Australia team and will be considered on its newsworthiness for a story. If considered worthy of coverage, it will be sent to our pool of regional journalists, who will write the story and publish it to Brand SA News.

The nominee will be contacted for an interview if a story is to be written on them.

When the story is published will depend on its timeliness.

This means that we might hold the story for a few months, or even until the following year’s program.

Please note that while we endeavour to write as many stories as possible, some story suggestions might not meet the criteria. Brand South Australia reserves the right to publish stories at their discretion.

When is the Top 30 Open for voting?

Voting for the 2018 program will open online from 1 August to 31 August 2018.

How are the regional boundaries determined?

The regions are determined by the South Australian Government boundaries.

View a detailed map of the regions

View an interactive map of the regions

How does a story make it to the Top 30 list?

All published regional stories are considered as a part of the program. The top stories are the highest performing stories determined by readership numbers and various analytics are considered, including clicks, views, and visits.

However, we do consider the date in which the story was published as some stories will have a shorter ‘air’ time if they are published near the close date.

All Brand SA News stories are royalty/copyright free and can be repurposed by local, national and international media organisations.

Why did the name of the program change from Regional Awards to Regional Showcase?

The original objective of the awards program was to celebrate and highlight the amazing work and achievements of individuals, groups and organisations in regional South Australia. This hasn’t changed!

However, we have taken the focus away from the awards element and placed more emphasis on the storytelling and showcasing.

The voting and subsequent awards element is designed to re-engage the general public, and encourage those across South Australia to explore and re-read some of the amazing stories.

The voting also encourages all of South Australia, including metropolitan Adelaide, to step back once every year and look at some of the inspiring tales that have been told.

Our new program means entrants no longer have to write their own lengthy entry. Now, we just need a few details for a story suggestion and the rest is in the hands of our journalists!

The new format also encourages greater media coverage by other outlets, as all Brand SA News stories are royalty free and can be repurposed across any media channel.

With the previous Regional Awards, we would often receive feedback about ‘award fatigue’, as many of our winners would go on to achieve similar accolades i.e our Business Award winner would also win State Business Awards, tourism, sport or citizens awards.

When we started the program, our finalists received much more media coverage than recent years. The new format encourages media coverage, as all stories written are royalty free and can be repurposed across any media channel. The additional benefit of this is that we are ensuring stories from one region are shared with all regions, helping to achieve greater collaboration and impact.

We also adapted the new program to better meet the following objectives;

  • Put a spotlight on regional South Australia by uncovering, telling and showcasing stories of success.
  • To grow knowledge of the regions and uncover opportunities for economic investment and growth.
  • To instil a sense of pride among those in regional South Australia by sharing their stories of success.
  • To provide an opportunity for regional South Australians to learn from each other.
  • To increase media coverage for regional South Australia by providing royalty free content.