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South Australian Regional Showcase
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Brand South Australia is highlighting the successes of South Australian businesses, groups and individuals that inspire their regional communities all year round.

Thanks to our team of regional journalists, we will write South Australian regional success stories stories and share them with the world. However, we can’t find everyone. Help us bring someone worth writing about to light by nominating them.

Please note that while we endeavor to write as many stories as possible, some may not meet the criteria, and Brand South Australia reserves the right to publish stories at their discretion.

Nomination criteria for Regional Showcase

In order to be considered by the journalism team, the nominee’s story must meet at least two or more of the below:

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South Australian Agricultural Town of the Year
SA towns flying the flag for primary industries are eligible for a new award!

The award will recognise towns supporting and promoting primary industries in all their facets.
Nominations opened 18 December for the award, and closed 11.59pm Friday 15 February 2019.

Nomination criteria for Agricultural Town of the Year

Nomination criteria for Agricultural Town of the Year

  • Any regional town in South Australia can be nominated for this award (‘regional’ as defined by the set of boundaries used by Local Government Association of South Australia – see more here.
  • For the purpose of this award, ‘agriculture’ refers to all primary industries – agriculture (field crops, horticulture, meat and livestock, dairy, grape and wine, forestry), and fisheries and aquaculture.
  • A town’s involvement in agriculture is not limited to farmers, but includes the wider community that supports the industry – e.g. shops, service providers, community activities.

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