Our doorway welcomes opportunity.

Open the door


The State Brand demonstrates that we are the central doorway to the whole country.

South Australia is the south of Australia. The pivotal state. The hub. The only one that touches every other mainland state.

If you were overseas and knew nothing about this country, suddenly our State seems like the natural entry point and the best place to go first. Our doorway welcomes opportunity.


Everyone plays a part in greeting opportunities at every level. Including the people that simply live here and enjoy a world-class lifestyle.

About the Brand


Brand South Australia


The first thing to know about making a great brand is that it has to ring true. It has to feel like it naturally belongs and fits with what it symbolises. But, then, it also has to stand out.


Think of the maple leaf and striking red of Canada, or the silver fern and omnipresent black of New Zealand. Once seen, never forgotten. That’s what we wanted with South Australia’s Brand. A Brand that can be instantly recognised, expresses our character and leaves a lasting impression (favourable, of course).


A doorway is a traditional symbol of hope and opportunity. In ancient times, when you crossed a temple’s threshold, you abandoned old ideas, concepts and plans for something new and better. Or it simply says welcome.


You’d have to say it’s also creative, innovative and hints at our industriousness. And what could be more South Australian than that? So, maybe that simple little brandmark is not so simple after all.


Our values


Every brand has a unique set of attributes – or DNA – that define its character. 


Time and again, our research kept coming back to three words. Creativity. Innovation. Industriousness.


The three core values that define the essence of South Australia. Not because we say so, but because they ring true with the people and businesses we want to attract to the State.


Brand South Australia


Brand elements


Brand South Australia is so much more than a logo. We have created a complete design system to unite our identity.

  • Brandmark
  • Colour palette
  • Typeface
  • Graphic design system 

Do you want your brand to wear its South Australian credentials loudly and proudly? Brand South Australia welcomes you to register to use the State Brand, for free.  

Band South Australia
Brand South Australia
Brand South Australia
Brand South Australia
Brand South Australia



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