Creativity. Innovation. Industriousness.


Every day, across the State, South Australian businesses, communities, organisations and individuals are creative, innovative and industrious in their approach to everything they do. The way we live, work and grow as a state encompasses these values, we are literally living these brand values.

Windmills in South Australia
Indigenous Australians Dancing in South Australia


There is a spirit to this place. A spirit of freedom, of possibility and of creativity.

From ancient times, the Kaurna and the other indigenous nations of a place we call South Australia have communed with their Dreamtime through song and dance.


From the yearning outback to the ethereal Kangaroo Island, South Australia's awe has inspired writers like C. J. Dennis and Colin Thiele, chefs like Maggie Beer and the father of modern Eurasian cuisine, Cheong Liew.

There is a reason we are the festival state. With the country’s premier arts festival, the world’s largest cabaret festival, the world-respected Fringe, WOMADelaide and SALA. Nobody throws a party like South Australia.


We celebrate creativity at every turn. What's your talent?

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From the first settlers aboard the John Pirie to the perilous space voyages of Andrew Thomas, innovation has very much been a necessity for South Australians.


A small population. A hostile environment. Isn’t necessity the mother of invention? Not just the inventions that made life sustainable like the stump-jump plough and the pedal wireless. We also lead the nation in social reform.


This was the first state to allow women to vote and stand for parliament. First with a public housing trust. First with a sex-discrimination act. First to place a value on recycling containers. Trees for Life? Started here. Meals on Wheels? Same. Our O-Bahn was the country’s first rapid-transit system for buses. And we’re still pressing ahead with underground rainwater storage, wetland engineering and ecological development.


It’s perhaps not by chance that four of Australia’s ten Nobel Laureates are South Australian. What's your big idea?


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Science in South Australia
Indoustrious in South Australia


It’s not just about making money. Being industrious gives us pride and dignity.


Family is at the heart of our society, as well as our industry.


Thanks to the Coopers, Hardys, Lauckes, Haighs, Scotts, Gerards, Hill Smiths, Osborns, Sims and Paechs – to name but a few – strong businesses have been built from nothing through generations of commitment to contribute to this State and its place in global trade. Hand-in-hand with a strong and skillful workforce of men and women determined to forge a future in the face of fate and hardship.


Through the sweat of their brow and the boldness of their thinking. Have a go. That’s how R M Williams rose from a swaggie to become a multi-millionaire and one of our most famous labels.


But it’s not just about making money. Maybe it’s part of our migrant heritage. Work gives us pride and dignity. Think of the avenue of 2,000 mighty palms planted in Seppeltsfield out of gratitude by men who’d been kept employed during the Great Depression.


That’s our spirit of industry. What's your destiny?

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