South Australia’s innovative, creative and industrious stories are now breathing life into the Brand.

Using the State Brand


Across South Australia it's the innovative, creative and industrious stories that are now breathing life into the Brand. To date, the level of interest and the uptake of licensed users of the brand has been exceptional as business leaders, community groups, marketing and communications professionals and South Australians from all walks of life begin to use the State Brand in creative ways.

The Brand South Australia identity has been created as a very flexible design. This allows South Australian businesses to compliment and support their own brand and messaging.  

The Brand is also free to use by any entity with either a substantial presence in South Australia, source substantial ingredients or components from South Australia, or have a strong relationship with South Australia.


The Brand is owned by the Government of South Australia and the use of the Brand is covered by license conditions. The primary commitment by users is to employ the Brand as intended – for the positive promotion of South Australia.


We want all South Australian businesses to proudly use the State Brand. To find out how you can use the State Brand visit here.


How has the State Brand helped South Australian businesses?


A significant number of world-class South Australian businesses are already using the State Brand. Some of these businesses are featured in our case studies below, where they explain how they started using the State Brand, and the impact it has made on their businesses.

Charlesworth Nuts

Charlesworth Nuts are an iconic South Australian brand that produces and provides high-end nuts, fruits and chocolate products to corporate and general consumers.

Serafino Wines

Serafino Wines are a world-class wine maker from the McLaren Vale wine region. They believe the South Australian brand adds a unique layer to their marketing that differentiates them from their competitors.

Mount Lofty Springs

Mount Lofty Springs produce some of Australia's purest natural spring water. With their products being exported to China, Mount Lofty Springs believe the Brand South Australia logo clearly shows their customers that their products come from the pristine South Australian environment.


If you haven’t already, we invite you to register to use the State BrandIt's free, and it can help your business to open the door to new and exciting opportunities. 

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