How did the State Brand's journey begin? 


At the request of the Premier, the Economic Development Board was tasked to bring together a group of communications, marketing and policy professionals from government and the private sector to develop the brand.


This group was chaired by Darren Thomas, from the Economic Development Board.


Their first order of business was to uncover what made South Australia great. 



Every South Australian has an opinion on their State. We might all agree it’s the best place in the world. But why? And what could be better? What are our strengths, our weaknesses, our opportunities and our threats? You couldn’t create the definitive brand without canvassing all these perceptions.


So we did.


With extensive research in all the key sectors. From end-users, customers, key decision-makers, advisors, representatives and ordinary people. Here at home, interstate and overseas. So, South Australians, we’ve listened to you. Your input led directly to our output.


We canvassed our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to uncover what makes South Australia unique.


We listened to people from all key sectors from here at home, interstate and overseas. Your input defined South Australia.



The brand is a symbol of all your perceptions, thoughts and feelings about South Australia. A state with a staggering diversity of people, places, experiences, products, services and investment opportunities.


How do you symbolise all of that? The answer we found, perhaps surprisingly, lies in simplicity and an underlying truth.


The reason we need to stand out is to attract more business and investment in order to deliver more prosperity for all. A halo brand proudly showcases our industries and adds another compelling reason to buy. We are proud that our wines make up roughly half of Australia’s production. We are rightly one-eyed about our beers.

brand south Australia's journey
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