Help your South Australian business thrive.

The State Brand is for everyone in South Australia. All areas of economic activity will benefit from using the State Brand.

The State Brand has made us more prominent as it is more visual to the customer. Our customers are aware and loyal to the South Australian Brand and now, our product.

Paul Connelly, Mount Lofty Springs
Use the State Brand to open doors to greater economic prosperity for yourself and our State.


The more people that use the State Brand, the faster we’ll draw recognition to South Australia, and position us on the global map. Then we’ll all win.


The flexibility of the State Brand's design system allows the brand to be used in a very subtle way, or it can take the lead. It depends on your organisation's needs and intended purpose.


Brand South Australia's goal is to be synonymous with South Australia, and we encourage any South Australian business to use the State Brand to open the door to a world of economic opportunity.


Get Creative


Be subtle and add our brandmark to your collateral or couple our design elements with your existing brandingFor more information and examples on the ways you can use the State Brand, download the Brand Guidelines.




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